Garden and Moon Journal-Gardening with the Moon

67 Pages filled with information and worksheets to help you plan your garden and use the moon cycles in gardening


Gardening, the Elements, and Astrology

Equinoxes and Solstices 2023

Wheel of the Year Festivals

Moon Phases 2023

Calendar for Each Month

My Garden Goals

Planting Zones & Important Dates

Garden Budget

Design Your Garden

What to Plant

Seed and Plant Plan

15 Plants That Grow Best From Seed

Planting Guide and more

Heather Carter

Heather Carter

Heather Carter was born in the desert of Nevada and started gardening as a young teen. She landed in Cedar City, graduating from Southern Utah University with a Masters Degree in Education. After spending time in England and Hawaii she returned to Southern Utah and cultivated Nature Hills Farm. In 2023, Heather celebrates her fifteenth year of farming and remains committed to the process by attending weekly farmer's markets, teaching classes, and hosting annual community events on her farm. Heather is currently focusing on herbal and plant medicine, using the moon and regenerative planting practices and living seasonally.

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